Buying Rivers on Farm Town

Just recently we were given the option of buying rivers on Farm Town. There were quite a few different rivers released for us to purchase. In this guide, I will list the different rivers, what level you must be on to purchase them, how much it will cost, and more. If you are curious about the rivers, continue reading this guide to see where you will have to be to purchase them and how much money you will need.

There are actually only three different types of rivers. However, there are more rivers to buy because of the placement of them. You will have to buy the river that is turned the way you want it. So, I will list the three different type rivers and these rivers will apply to the others that are just like except turned the other way.


The regular river will cost you 1,000 per piece of river. You will have to build your river the way you want it. When you purchase this regular piece of river, you will get 13 XP points. If you decide to sell the river, you will only get 30 coins. You must be on level 27 to purchase this piece of river. The purchasing of the game with the lol smurf account will be beneficial for the players. There will be improvement in the skills and playing methods of the players. The engagement of the players at the online websites will be increased. 

River Bridge

This is the piece of river with the bridge on it. This piece can be purchased once you have reached the 27th level on Farm Town. To buy one piece of river bridge, you will pay 5,000 coins. You will receive 53 XP points for every piece you purchase. If you sell the river bridge, you will only get 150 coins.

River Curve

This piece of river will allow you to turn your river. This is the curve piece for the river. You also have to be on level 27 to purchase this piece of river. One river curve will cost you 1,500 coins and will earn you 18 XP points. If you sell the river corner, you will only get 45 coins.

The rivers are nice to add to your farm. It makes them look really pretty. The only thing about it, you will put a good bit of coins into building a nice river and you will need to be on level 27 to purchase any of the river pieces. So, if you want to build you a nice river, start saving up your money. It wouldn’t be nothing to spend 40,000 coins in a river. If you accidentally buy the wrong piece of river, just sit it to the side. Selling or deleting the wrong piece will cost you a lot of money. You can sit it to the side and probably use it later.