Call Atlanta Roofers To Keep Your Home Dry

Heavy rainfall and tremendous flooding throughout Atlanta this year has resulted in an astounding number of calls to Atlanta roofers. In some neighborhoods, 90% of all homes needed some sort of roof repair or replacement! If it wasn’t rainfall and flooding, there were baseball-sized hail and gusty winds wreaking havoc on homeowners’ most precious investment. Atlanta roofingcompanies have been extremely busy but they are happy to have the influx of new clients.

It clearly indicates the popularity of roof top companies that have been thriving ever since the rainy season began last month which means that business has surely picked up and tops the list among other companies.

Good professional Atlanta rooferswill give homeowners free annual estimates. Since Atlanta is so prone to rough weather – hot sun beating down, unrelenting baseball-sized hails and high hurricane winds – it’s reasonable to assume a lot can go wrong up there on the roof. As the wind whips up the steep sloped roofs, certain areas become more vulnerable than others. The wind may catch some shingles and carry them off into oblivion or cause cracking at weak spots caused by hail impact.

There are many areas Atlanta rooferswill check to see if they can help you repair structural problems and ramp up for, what meteorologists say, will be one wet, cold winter. Atlanta roofingprofessionals will look for shingles that have lost asphalt granules, which may turn into a leak in a few years. They will also look for wind damaged portions of the roof – ripped up shingles, caved-in asphalt and wind blistered cracks. They can check the previous Atlanta roofingcompany’s handiwork to see if there were any mistakes in how the roof was put on or if any seals were put on weakly. When Atlanta roofersget up on your roof, they most commonly find hail damage – dented chunks of the roof, golf-ball or baseball-sized holes and missing asphalt granules.

Finding the right Atlanta roofers is vital for homeowners because they cannot have their warranties upheld or their claims covered if the Atlanta roofingdamage can be traced back to shoddy workmanship on the part of the Atlanta roofers. While this may seem unfair, the cautionary message is: Buyer beware! It’s not uncommon for opportunists to canvas neighborhoods in the metro Atlanta region, offering their Atlanta roofingservices. These companies should never be trusted. Often they will put on a front as if they have local offices and solid crews, but within a few months’ time, they’ll have left the state, leaving homeowners with leaky roofs a few months later and no recourse. Homeowners should check the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State’s office to see if an Atlanta roofing company is legitimate.