Make Your Own Rolling Drink Cooler: Summer Picnics Will Be Easier

Are you one of those people that can’t get enough of the great outdoors in the summer? Love picnicking? Hiking? Camping? If so, you’ll need a cooler that’s easy to make, can hold lots of cold drinks, and will roll to make it convenient for travel. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t, when you start with a rolling book bag or piece of luggage on wheels.

Forget old-fashioned coolers that are bulky and leave you reaching into ice-cold water to get a sopping-wet drink can. There’s a new way to haul cold drinks around, without the mess or hassle. Just get out the rolling luggage and let’s get started. The project is quick and simple to make.

New Ziploc Big Bags make it easy to store and contain large items – like ice. The bags feature a double zipper system that will contain water – perfect for making ice. Fill the Big Bag with water, place flat on the freezer shelf, and freeze. The giant bag of ice is exactly what you need to keep drinks cold in the rolling drink holder.

Lay the bag of ice in the back portion of the luggage. The bottom of the Big Bag should be sitting on the bottom of the rolling container. You can stitch in two or three elastic pieces to hold the ice in place, if desired. This will also prevent the Big Bag, while the liquid melts, from sinking into a pile at the bottom.

After you’ve placed the ice in position, it’s a simple matter to line drinks up, forming several rows on top of the ice. Zip the luggage shut and you’re ready to roll. You can place the drinks in the pack loosely, or position them within a second Ziploc Big Bag to hold them in place and prevent them from rolling around inside the luggage. You can also use the rolling cooler for other refrigerated items, like milk, margarine, or eggs, while camping.

The rolling drink holder is perfect for camping, fishing, traveling, picnics, outings, and other outdoor events. You can make a small one, using a small rolling bag, or a huge cooler by choosing a large luggage piece. This allows you to choose the size that’s appropriate for you or your entire family. Since Ziploc’s Big Bags come in a variety of sizes, you’ll easily find the size that fits your particular rolling cooler.

The Big Bags are easily washable, dishwasher safe, and simple to store for the winter. After using the Big Bag for the summer, wash and turn inside-out to dry. Fold and store inside the rolling bag until next year.

You don’t necessarily have to use a rolling book bag or rolling luggage piece to make the cooler. If you prefer a smaller cooler, most any zipper bag with handle will work. Just find the size of Ziploc bag that suits your needs, fill with water, and allow to freeze.

Things progress as time goes by, so except the new, dryer method of carrying around cold drinks, and make a rolling cooler with the Ziploc Big Bags. No more sticking your hand in freezing water, no more dripping drink cans, and no more rinsing out huge coolers.

With the Big Bags, your ice will melt slower, and all the water will be contained inside the bag. Re-freeze the bag, if desired, or fill it anew before traveling again. Either way, your drinks will sit right next to the ice, making them colder than what you’ll get with a regular cooler.

You’ll love the new rolling drink cooler and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go. If traveling afar, make a small rolling cooler for each person in the family. That way, there will be plenty of cold drinks to go around.