My First Experience With A Psychic; For Free!

Today I had a garage sale. Trying to liquidate some old items from my past antique and collectible places where I used to rent space. So here I was, minding my own business, sitting in the garage, when a woman came in. We started chatting, and talking about jewelry. She asked some questions, we negotiated prices on some of my items, and enjoyed some pleasant chit chat. Then she mentioned how she never buys used shoes, because she gets like a weird vibe from them. I asked “are you psychic?” me being totally opened minded and all. And she said, “Somewhat”. And we began discussing her abilities, which she just blew off like no big deal. I then mentioned I have a touch of it, along with that of my mother’s, who has a touch of what is commonly referred to as woman’s intuition, but it goes a little deeper than that. My mother sensed a week before one of my brothers died (I have had two that died) that she had to see my Brother B. She had this deep sense of loss and sadness, at the time of their lunch date, and then a week later he was murdered. The strange thing is that years ago, my mother went to a psychic that told her things that somewhat mirror some tragedies and events that have occurred, to an extent.

I didn’t tell this woman anything about myself, or my past. My name was not in the paper, just my house number and street. There is no information about my private residence online. She didn’t force anything on me, I asked her if she ever did readings on other people, and if she could tell me anything about myself. (I’m nervy, I know!) For the next half an hour, I got a free reading that kind of blew me away. Here is what she said.

She told me my grandmother is watching over me (I suspect my father’s mother) and that I have so many angels around me protecting me, that it was amazing. I have to admit this made me happy. I would have been more impressed if she mentioned a brother or two, because I have not mentioned anything publicly about my brother’s passing, ever, until now, and that would have been really astonishing, for anyone can have a deceased grandmother. I guess my future psychic readings are nil now that this information is out about my brothers, though I am not mentioning names here.

She went onto say that I am a wonderful person with a good soul; who is so loved and full of goodness and admired, and that it was amazing, how I was revered and protected. She was so overwhelmed by my soulful greatness, she started to cry! Now this impressed me. Because I was looking that woman straight in the eye, and she was so emotional, that I don’t think that it was an act. I also didn’t pay her a dime of money either. Now she may have gotten emotional because I was being kind to her. I am a very friendly person, and extremely non-judgmental, so she may be a lonely person who felt touched by my warmth toward her, or maybe she did sense something. I hope it’s a little of both.

Anyway, she went onto say, that I should write (wow). Honestly I did have a pen in my hand, but I was doing the crossword puzzle. So I was like “um, ok”. Then she said, get a bulletin board and put up pictures from magazines of the things you want. Say you want a pool, put that up. My backyard is not visible from the front. She had no idea I didn’t have a pool. I want a pool, bad. Double wow. Then she said some personal things in regards to what I want in a relationship, the type of guy who will appreciate my goodness and soul, other stuff. She did not once glance at my hand to see if I had a ring on, and I’m not married. She then mentioned other things in regard to my viewpoints. I asked her about my health. She mentioned certain things I should do, with exact types of stuff I am drinking now, including green tea. She said I should put a little turmeric spice in my green tea to help my acid stomach.

The other day I read some stuff about turmeric, and I just started drinking green tea again! She also mentioned the exact kind of vitamins, that I recently started taking. Now this all could be a coincidence, but maybe not. Her eyes were piercing, intense; but interesting, and the way she got so emotional was flattering. She didn’t strike me as a mentally ill person, I know people with serious mental illness, so I can tell. Then I offered her a gift for free, she didn’t take the gift I offered her, she just hurried on her way. I was like holy moly. That was wild. So that was my odd and somewhat wonderful experience with a psychic today. I have one skeptical eyebrow up, but if anything, it was an intriguing experience!